Friday, 3 January 2014

Mariana's Testimony


When my son 22 years was diagnosed of Epilepsy in August of 2012 . It has been a lot of changes in his life and our family as a whole. He has been having silent seizures for years, but they went undetected, because they were so slight, we thought he was just a daydreaming or "zoning out" kid. He had a grand mal in June of  the same year, had his sleep deprivation EEG and was diagnosed in August 2012. He has had several med increases, the side effects of the meds also leave him tired all the time, and with a significant weight gain, 41 lbs in the just few months of taking the medicine. The restrictions on him have been hard for him to deal with, he was a typical teen, loves his video games, but those had to be restricted, he cant be left alone for fear of him having another seizure, his seizure activity is highest at night, so he has a hard time resting, and the meds make him tired throughout his day. We have routine labs and doc appts, he hates all these changes, but he knows they are necessary to his health. We just had a 3 day video/EEG done, it confirmed generalized epilepsy, he had seizure activity throughout all three days. This has been an adjustment for us all, I am a divorced working mom. I suddenly had to become his eyes, his ears, his voice. We needed to advocate for his every need. I wanted to bury my head under a pillow and sleep under a thick blanket of denial. knowing that they were likely to include lingering deficits and handicaps ― But to survive, I realized the necessity of being strong-willed and maintaining an attitude of never giving up for my son. I fought to find the best medical, financial, educational, legal, vocational, and rehabilitation services available but none of them seem to be effective. Everyone — myself and my family as well as the doctors, nurses, therapists, and even Paul himself —would have to draw on inner resources we had not known existed. I never stopped advocating for our son’s needs or for those of our family. As days turned into months, and months turned into year, I do not know where our energy or drive came from to venture into areas we knew nothing about. But there was no way we would stand idle.
I’ve had a breakdown many time as a result of his situation. We gave trial of Dr. Joseph Herbal Remedy as there was no other alternative like we have been doing to other medicine that comes our way, but to our greatest surprise. My son responded positively, and the doctor said the medicine was really perfect for him. He has return to college and he is outstanding in his education. No more medicine and we are grateful for that.  I still remember the desperation, so, as vivid and heart wrenching as it may be now to your daughter and your family as a whole, it will be gone someday soon. And as an added bonus, life's little problems won't seem so important anymore. If a naturally pessimistic and frequently depressed person like my son can find joy in life then anyone can

--- Authored by: Mariana Gheorghe, 03/01/2014