Monday, 12 November 2012

Isabella's Story


I am not an epileptic patient but my sister Isabella was… for more than nine years before I came in contact with Joseph. She started getting the epileptic attacks many time a day. We all were shattered to know when she became an epileptic patient because we had never thought that someone in our family would ever suffer from Epilepsy. Also, there was no such medical history in our family in either side of our close ancestors. Initially doctors thought that the 4–5 years of the regular medication would suffice to cure her. Neurosurgery was another alternative but we preferred the option of 5 years medication over the painful and costly Neurosurgery. After starting with the medicines she started getting the “Absense Seizures”. Medication had reduced the intensity of the seizures a lot, so we thought she will surely get cured with the current treatment in 5–6 years. But God wanted to test our patience. There was no significant improvement, although she didn’t get the major attack in seven years, the frequency of the “Absence attacks” had increased a bit along with little hyperactivity. Just like most of the Epileptic patient, she too was living a quite pathetic life which was full of restrictions–no traveling alone, no driving and limited outdoor activities which caused her to loose all her friends and Epilepsy had started showing its psychosomatic and darker side.
After seven years we were quite worried as there were no sign of improvement, rather she was ‘rewarded’ with addition of one more tablet in her daily dosage which further lead us to frustration. At that time the seizures was not our only concern, we were also greatly concerned about her future and the social life ahead. We realized that Epilepsy is not only a physical disease; if it is not handled properly it greatly affects the mental health of the patient and creates the social stigma for the patient and their family members.

I stumbled upon “ Scarlett Story”. She had also had same experience as Isabella and the best thing about her was that after her using Lawson product she was living seizure free life. Scarlett’s story was very inspiring; she was the perfect person for us that time. We decided to consult Dr. Joseph. In the first visit itself my view towards the epilepsy has completely changed. All of our doubts regarding herbal medicine changed as we do not believe in natural medicine. After seven years we were seeing some ray of hope for Isabella situation. We had someone with whom we could easily share and discuss all our worries and problems.
After first month of taking the medicine, the frequency of the symptoms has reduced drastically. Joseph told that we should expect good outcome in the seizures frequency.  2nd, 3rd, 4th ....... more than 30th month now, no seizure. There has not been a single occurrence of the seizure since then,  he also gave her permission to drive the vehicle. I think that was the most beautiful moment in her life in last 9 years. I could see the loads of happiness on Isabella’s face. Her confidence level was boosted like never before. Isabella has started staying with me now. Initially, it was very difficult for all of us. She was staying alone at home. We took all possible safety measures when she stayed alone at home. Every another hour, I used to call her to check if she is ok and safe. But on the other hand Isabella was completely enjoying her new life. Slowly, we started reducing the phone calls and gave her independence.
I decided to give her the chance to explore the world on her own. Cooking and household stuff was not new for her but I realized that like most of the epilepsy patients, she too was not so good in planning and decision making front. As per Joseph’s suggestion in self-care strategies, I decided to give her the full responsibility to manage our household things including budget and all. It was very difficult for her for first couple of months but then slowly she started learning it and she has now become an expert. I believe women are naturally good planner. She now manages everything in our home without a single help from anyone else. She already made some new friends in our society. Happiness was everywhere. As if she was getting rewarded for her patience and hardship over the period of last nine years. 

---Authored by: Isaac Japhet,, 12/11/2012