Sunday, 31 October 2010

Jeffrey's Testimony


I'm 55 & had it since I was 13. Been on many meds but they never work for very long. I have left temporal lobe with complex partial and tonic clonic seizures, sometimes life threatening. I'd really like for it not to run my life anymore.  Your story reminded me a lot of my own situation. Over time either my seizures or the effect of counter-seizure medication have caused severe personality changes. I have used Tegretol, Dilantin, Nurontin more to help control its frequency but the funny feelings always return back. And always remember this: You aren't an epileptic- you're a wonderful person who just happens to have epilepsy. I had to figure that out on my own. There was even a situation when I was involved with a race team looking after a few cars. While watching the race I had another seizure. The race team promptly drooped me.  I loose focus when concentrating too hard and have anxiety attacks. A seizure was a major fear in my life, But most of the time I do feel like I was fighting a losing battle and that I'll never be able to gun down. it really just winds my mood sometimes...not to mention how it limits my life. so tired...and fed up

The above are a brief summary of what was happening, so many things occurred during this period I can't remember or have blocked some of it out before I got Joseph Bryan Natural Regimen. My first interest about herbal regimen was that it has no side effect, never thought it will completely cure me as many medicine promised to do so and never did. I used to see counselors and bother taking various prescription drugs, my malaise and ennui have overwhelmed any real interest in doing anything about it. I also think the psychology/psychiatry professions are just frauds and fruitcakes. 

I credit my recovery to Dr.Joseph Bryan, Every year at this time, I reach out to my friends and family in hopes to support others who are face with the challenges of Epilepsy using Joseph Natural Regimen. Unfortunately, I cannot be there with my friends who have epilepsy this year, as a results of many other ups and downs constantly in our family but my heart and thoughts are with them.  My seizure is gone and I pray it does not come back again. 

--- Aurthored by: Jeffrey Leonard. 10/2010